GVCALL mobile app provides you with high quality, low cost international calls. We deliver a highly competetive service to both corporates and consumers, and excel in environments where wi-fi is slow or unavailable.

Get GVCall here: https://www.gvcall.com


Globalvoice offers high quality affordable international calls from mobiles to mobiles and landlines, without any need of Wi-Fi connection.

For more than ten years the world has been overloaded of free services or VOIP services where consumer can call for free. Still, in many markets the consumer can not use the VOIP service due to lack of, or poor, infrastructure.

Globalvoice aims to take the positions to deliver quality services to everyone who wants to do an international phone call with good quality experience.

International calls for local costs

  • No Wi-Fi needed. Only ordinary GSM / mobile network needed
  • No need to change sim-card, use your local existing sim-card from your ordinary operator. GVCall is a global service provider and works with sim cards from all global operators
  • The GVCall service is an add-on service for international calls. Any potential corporate agreement with an operator does not limit the usage of the GVCall service
  • Very competitive prices
  • Easy to top up the account. No need for scratch cards or to visit physical shops
  • Very good voice quality with use of premium lines. No drop calls
  • Very user friendly. Same user pattern as for ordinary mobile phone calls with full access to your contact list and recent call list